How to earn from YouTube

How to earn from YouTube
YouTube is a funny place for many people as you can watch what you want, but it could be a different way to earn money online, here we will learn how to earn from YouTube by being a vlogger or creating videos.

1- To have a YouTube channel you should have a YouTube account, every account on YouTube can make one channel, and after making your channel your videos will take the grant to be accessed to other Google platforms like Drive and Gmail.
2- Give a name to your YouTube channel, try to choose an easy name to be remembered, also give a related name to your content and avoid to take the name of a famous YouTube channel.
3- Start uploading videos and make sure that your content is good and high quality, whatever was your content upload videos regularly, and write keywords related to your content when you publish the video as that can attract more audience.
4- To get more monetisation you should have so many views and visitors’ clicks on your ads, the first important way for that is to have a good content, not only that, also send your videos to Twitter, Facebook..etc, and don’t forget asking visitors for comments that make more monetisation also.
5- Monetisation is the ability to earn money from your videos, by turning on this option YouTube will publish ads on your videos, you can enable monetization from “webpage”  then “video manager”.
6- You’ll not start earning money if you don’t meet the requirements, that at least you should have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time, so monetize every video you upload to make money from it.
7- Set Google Adsense in your YouTube channel to get money from YouTube, you can’t sign up without a PayPal or a bank account.
8- Use analytic option in your channel that will see you how audience responding to your content.
After all that we said, you have to start your YouTube channel in something you love and begin to earn from YouTube.

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